L 'Umbria, where the farm- house Casa Cresta is located, known as the "Green Heart of Italy", has earned this name due to its landscapes and its natural excellence.
The dense woods, large expanses of vineyards, olive groves and cultivated fields offer suggestive landscapes with a wide variety of colors.
For true nature lovers and sports parks of Monte Cucco with its caves, Monte Subasio, Cascate delle Marmore, Lago Trasimeno offer thrills all year: hiking, paragliding, hang gliding, rafting, mountain biking.
Umbria is also known as the "Land of the Saints" in fact it is the region with the highest number of Saints.
Umbria is the land of S. Francesco, S. Chiara, S. Benedetto, S. Valentino ... (and many others blessed, mystics and hermits) then, here in Umbria, certainly places of faith and spirituality are not lacking and give visitors the pleasure of meditation, prayer and silence.
But Umbria is not only nature and spirituality.
Umbria is a region rich in historical, artistic, cultural and archaeological testimonies and it boasts historical centers among the most beautiful in Italy including Gubbio also known as the city of stone and from which it can easily reach the most famous towns in neighboring Tuscany, Marche and of course in their region Umbria such as Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto, and other no less famous.
Every single city, town and village in Umbria has inherited and maintained the historical places intact, as if time has stopped.
(Here in Umbria are many authentic things).
This is also thanks to the Umbria people which have keep alive traditions, arts and crafts such as ceramic, iron, wood, glass, tissue, laces processing because in Umbria, always the craft has been much more than just the production of goods.
Finally, Umbria should be remembered for his genuine and local products: wine, olive oil, truffles, cured meats and cheeses of high quality. Thanks to the kitchen delicious and elegant typical of Umbria, you can enjoy, at any time of the year, numerous and delicious dishes, rich aromas, flavors and personality and of course all is accompanied by selected wines.
Therefore choosing the Umbria you will find plenty of relaxation, art, nature, and spirituality and .... good food!


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